Same Day Delivery

Do you have something important that needs to get somewhere today? We can help

  • Efficient end-to-end service
  • Reliable transfer
  • Great communication 

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Overnight Delivery

Working to a deadline? Rely on our years of experience dealing with our vast network to ensure your consignment arrives on time.

If you have something that requires overnight delivery, just let us know and we’ll do the rest.

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International Shipping

Europe, Canada, USA or anywhere in the world.

If you need something moved to anywhere else on the planet, we’re your people.

  • Simple Packages
  • Palletized Shipments
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Pretty much anything else!

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Special Delivery

Unusually large, unusually dangerous, in fact unusual in any way – Express International have it covered.

Tap into our many years of expertise to get your special package delivered to anywhere on the planet.

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Welcome to Express International

One phone number for all your shipping requirements? Wouldn’t that be nice!

If you’re shipping a unique, unusual item or range of goods, a run-of-the-mill courier is going to give you a run-of-the-mill, restricted service, controlled from a faceless call centre somewhere you’ve never even heard of.

Instead of leaving your package with the usual couriers services who are more interested in the number of packages rather than who they’re going to and where they are going, rely on us – Express International.

From our Hampshire offices, we have 20 years experience of supplying the South of England and beyond with friendly, efficient, accommodating and reliable international courier services, Express International will be with your shipment every step of the way.

Our key services are:

Whether you want to transport documents or palletized shipments, feathers or hazardous substances, by sea, land or air, even if you need to import goods, Express International will arrange the entire journey.