Isle of Wight

We were contacted by a Doctor who works in a hospital based on the Isle of Wight. He had some research samples that he had to send on dry ice to the U.S.

Discussing this with him and, as he wanted us to provide the dry ice, we decided that the best option cost wise was for him or one of his colleagues to come over on the Red Jet ferry and we would meet him at the Town Quay terminal in Southampton. The samples were then brought back to us, we packaged them up in dry ice and sent them to the U.S.

We have done this now a few times. On one occasion he also had samples that needed to be taken to Southampton General Hospital which we delivered for him.

Sometimes the samples don’t require Dry Ice. We can then arrange for the carrier to collect from the hospital in the Isle of Wight directly.

Pier after sunset






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