We Deliver Balloons Shows Delivery Shipping Service Or LogisticsWrite a blog, he said, it’ll be easy, he said – it only has to be about 300 words!

I haven’t done anything like that since being at school but here goes. Where do I start, after googling I read that it has to be like a diary so I thought maybe write about one of our weeks in the courier business.

Some of our work is requested the previous week.  We started off this week arranging for one of our carriers to organise a collection from Italy of some industrial laundry equipment to go by international courier back to the U.K.

I then arranged for another two collections. The first one was a regular overnight delivery. We pick up the paperwork from a pub near Salisbury to be couriered back to their P.A. in Southampton. The second one was for a customer who used to be based at Southampton General Hospital but has now moved to Kings College London. She wanted to still use us for her international deliveries as she was impressed with the service that we always gave her and had a parcel which required international delivery to Canada and wondered if we could organise this for her which we did.

We also had phone calls from local customers to send parcels which we collect directly from them. These can be either International or UK deliveries. The UK overnight deliveries are delivered the next working day. International shipments can be delivered to the U.S. and Canada and Western Europe the next working day or a 3-4 day delivery for the Rest of the World

Every day we check that all the parcels that we have sent are doing what they should be doing and, if not, following up and sorting out any issues if there are any.

A late request to pick up some boxes that afternoon to be delivered by courier early the following morning to Chessington World of Adventures. These had to be delivered in a specific time slot

This morning we had an urgent machine delivery of a machine part to North Wales. That was an early start!

That week we also picked up a painting from Stockbridge to Piccadilly London.

We certainly had a variety of work that week.  That’s the nature of the courier business, not knowing what is going to be asked and acting promptly to ensure  a great delivery service and that parcel that you send gets delivered.


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