Urgent deliveryUrgent Delivery

We had a frantic phone call from a local solicitors saying that they kept being let down by their usual courier and, if they needed us to, could we get some important documents to London that day. As soon as they contacted us to go ahead we organised this quickly for them. We weren’t notified until mid afternoon so we had to ensure that somebody would be there in London to receive the documents bearing in mind that the traffic in London could be bad at that time of day.

As soon as they were delivered we contacted our customer to confirm.

“thank you for coming through for us yesterday”.

Another one of our customers had sent lots of brochures out only to find out that the brochures had a mistake in them so new ones had to be sent out urgently as soon as the printers had them ready. These had to go out to a number of different countries which we organised . “we appreciate your help with this and all the deliveries you do for us. Super stars!”

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