Multiple Deliveries

We recently sent a lot of catalogues for a printing company to over 200 destinations worldwide.

The printing company notified us when they were ready and we went and collected them. They were then brought back here to our office where we produced the necessary paperwork for them to be sent.  Once they were sent we tracked all of them to make sure that they were delivered.

Whether it is one item or a number of items we will send them. We track everything we send to make sure that everything is delivered dealing with any customs issues should there be any.

Do you need to send a parcel or document  and want to know that it is in safe hands?  Then contact us. We will discuss the best options for you and, providing you give us the right information, the price we quote is the price we charge. There are no hidden extra charges.airplain-takeoff-vector-illustration_mkbiwqwo_l

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